Podcast 26 – Robert Hoadley – Major League Rugby


Podcast 26 – Robert Hoadley – Major League Rugby

Interview with Robert Hoadley – MLR (Major League Rugby) 2019 Coach of the Year – San Diego Legion

Robert Hoadley is the 2019 MLR (Major League Rugby) Coach of the Year. It was Rob’s vision of Legion that provided the San Diego Legion with two winning seasons and a chance to become Season Champions. It is the same leadership and vision that brought World Class talent to San Diego, California to play for the Legion.

Some of Rob’s greatest talents rest in not only developing a “Vision” that inspires others to strive for and up-hold … but to do such, in a manner that makes others “want” to do this. Rob has a very unique way of inspiring and coaching his athletes. His intensity to compete, is matched only by the level of compassion and care he has for each and every one of his athletes. This incredible balance of fierce competitiveness and care for those who fall under his leadership help create a “Family-like” environment that has helped athletes from all over the world – come together and care for each other.

Robert Hoadley is a fantastic interview for HeadSet Podcast followers because he embodies the perfect blend of sports psychology, mental training, and athletic toughness. Rob provides insight into the mental training Pillar Process… which also follows similar principles as the HeadSet Sports Five Pillars of Metal Toughness process.

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