Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard is a specific dashboard offered by HeadSet that provides stakeholders (i.e., the coach/manger, program director, sport psychology consultant, or sport science practitioner) with specific information regarding the individual and team mental skill information. The Team Dashboard contains analytical displays for each player and the team as a whole. The Dashboard gives information regarding the team’s completion rates (i.e., the amount of mental skill work assigned vs. completed) for the team’s monthly assessments, mental workouts, performance debriefs, and pre-competition checklists.

The HeadSet Team Dashboard also collects and keeps track of all of the points that have been accumulated. At the top of the Team Dashboard it shows the overall points accumulated each week by the team, as well as the accumulated points for the entire month.

Also, each week the Team Dashboard also keeps track of the points accumulated by each athlete and will rank order the athletes from the athlete who has accumulated the most HeadSet points to the athlete who has accumulated the least HeadSet points. The individual athlete point display will not show what the athletes are specifically working on, but it will show if the athletes are engaging in the program through their point accumulation.