Team Reporting

Athletic organizations and teams need to utilize their data effectively in order to be competitive in today’s sporting landscape. The HeadSet system continuously collects athlete and team data that can be analyzed at a deeper level. It is these valuable datasets that help to provide a full picture of the team’s and athlete’s situation. This deeper analysis by HeadSet can identify patterns and relationships that can lead to quicker and smarter interventions.

HeadSet’s team of mental performance consultants can also help link HeadSet data (individual and group) with specific team/organization outcome data (e.g., athlete turnover, well-being, recovery, etc.) Being able to create custom integrated solutions with specific HeadSet and organizational data can enact change tied to underlying needs.

Here is how HeadSet’s Data Services Process works:

1. Discover – consult with HeadSet to examine what data you would like to look deeper into or to make connections with

2. Assess – HeadSet’s team of data scientists will analyze the data to discover insights and patterns.

3. Apply – HeadSet will put the analytical insights and patterns into practice. HeadSet will design specific interventions to solve individual and organizational/team challenges.