Assessments & Evaluations

Each month HeadSet examines an athlete’s mental skill/strength through various assessments. These assessments are important because they alert the HeadSet system as to which are the most important mental skills for each athlete to work on presently.

One of the unique aspects of the HeadSet Program is the Mental Expertise Page or “ME Page”. This unique area of HeadSet allows athletes to coordinate all of the important elements of their mental game. Consider the ME Page like your mission control center. This is a place where you can quickly organize and track your mental skill assessments and your progress/development.

Additionally, this unique area gives athletes the ability to:

  • Coordinate their training and competition schedules.
  • Organize and review their goals and mental work-outs (Mental WOWs).
  • Track their mental toughness progress and compare their progress versus other groups/individuals.
  • Catalogue important videos and personal music playlists.
  • Communicate with teammates and other athletes.
  • Video Library