Tracking Progress

Tracking and monitoring mental performance is essential to an athlete’s long term development. Tracking helps the athlete to stay connected, motivated, as well as seeing which improvements have been made. The HeadSet program gives a detailed picture to each individual athlete on a daily basis. HeadSet tracks and monitors data through an athlete’s mental workouts, goals and accomplishments, gaming, social engagement, ¬†performance debriefing, as well as which sport psychology videos are watched and learned from.

This data mining is extremely important because it allows HeadSet to adapt and customize its mental skill support specific to the individual athlete. Through HeadSet‘s tracking process, it is able to examine what is currently happening with the athlete, but also tries to predict what may happen next. One enhanced feature of HeadSet‘s tracking process is the ability to monitor and track your progress and compare yourself to other individuals (e.g., teammates, friends, people playing your same sport) and groups (e.g., professional and Olympic athletes). This competitive feature may be the extra push needed to increase motivation and accountability.