Mental WOWS

Mental WOWs are a foundational part of the HeadSet program. This term refers to the athlete’s Mental Work-Out of the Week. Just as you train specific muscles in your body to perform to their optimum (through strength and conditioning exercises), the same can be said about your mental muscle (i.e., your brain).

HeadSet strongly believes that you can develop and strengthen specific mental skills by deliberately and consistently practicing them. The Mental WOWs are a series of mental exercises that will be prescribed by HeadSet to each athlete in a strategic and customized fashion based on the athlete’s needs. These areas of need are based on the scores obtained from the sport psychology assessment taken during sign up, as well as at various times of your competitive season. Based upon these scores, the HeadSet Program will begin developing and prescribing a series of Mental WOWs for each athlete. Approximately each week, the athlete will receive his/her Mental WOW and will begin to complete their prescribed mental workout in time for their upcoming competition or practice/training session. Each Mental WOW will include : content educating the athlete of the benefit of the mental workout, how to undertake and complete the workout, how and where to practice the mental workout, and finally how to evaluate the effectiveness of the workout.

Mental WOW, the athlete will be able to review their WOWs in their ME Page Dashboard, thus being able to visit each one as needed.  This in turn will help the athlete with their mental focus and preparation, while at the same time working to decrease feelings of pre-competition distraction and nervousness.