Interview with Chris “The MasterPiece” Mordetzky Episode-25


Interview with Chris “The MasterPiece” Mordetzky Episode-25

The Power of Perseverance. Episode 25 – Interview with Chris “The MasterPiece” Mordetzky – Professional Wrestler .

He is an incredible athlete, with an even more interesting life story. Chris Mordetsky … aka .. The Masterpiece joins the HeadSet PodCast to discuss his trials and tribulations through his professional wrestling career, as well as the mental toughness needed to push through all of the various challenges he faces in being a professional athlete – with an incredibly difficult schedule.

Unlike other professional athletes, the amount of travel Chris undergoes is incredible. ¬†With the added pressure to be mentally “On” and to have to physically overcome the pain he endures after performing back-to-back and sometimes … 3 events in 3 days performances … while having to travel from venue to venue – Chris provides the very grueling insight as to what it means to be a professional athlete and entertainer. This “behind the scenes” insight provides an interesting perspective on the importance of being mentally and emotionally strength needed to become and maintain a career as a professional athlete-entertainer at the most elite level as a part of a multi-billion dollar industry – known as “Professional Wrestling”.

Chris’ story explains the need and value of HeadSet Sports …

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